15 June 2024

Pyramid schemes (Review: 'Doctor Who' 1.7, "The Legend of Ruby Sunday")

  • Why can't the Doctor just materialise the TARDIS inside UNIT instead of crash-landing into the operations room? Also, putting the operations room next to the helipad doesn't seem like the greatest idea on the planet.
  • This Doctor is the only one who could yell "Give me the lovin'!" and not look ridiculous. It's a great performance from Ncuti Gatwa all round here, covering comedy and drama with aplomb.
  • Ruby is definitely a good companion. Not one of my favourites, but I've seen considerably worse.
  • People do an awful lot of travelling in the space of two hours; does this world not have the massive traffic problems Central London has?
  • What happened to the previous UNIT scientific advisor that we saw in "The Giggle"?
  • The Time Window just sounds like more handwaving technology, but it's not like that's uncommon for Doctor Who.
  • "Probability of trap, 96% and rising" is definitely a great line.
  • We still don't know who Ruby's mother is. Perhaps we'll find out next time.
  • UNIT does seem a bit overstuffed with characters, especially many that we've not seen long enough on screen to care about.
  • "Wrong anagram". Well, that was a twist and a half. Bringing back the original voice actor as well. Now how did he get out of that time corridor?


Well, if you're going to bring back a villain from the past, that's not a bad one to bring back, that's for certain. Even if no-one holds down a pillow this time.


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