25 September 2010

AJJE Report update

I've had a large amount on; I won't be able to get it done this month. My current target is November.

Ed and Ken

I didn't vote for the two winners of the Labour leadership and mayoral candidacy. I have strong concerns over both of them.

That said, they are infinitely better than David Cameron and Boris Johnson. I wish them every success. I will judge them on results.

Hopefully the infighting will end; but the result in the leadership contest was too close for that.

We need to focus on the more important issue now. Getting the Coalition out of office.

The War in 2012

This mail-based wargame that I'm involved in is looking for more players.

It's a bit slow, but still enjoyable.

14 September 2010

Quote of the day 1

From Lucy McGough on Gallifrey Base, discussing Merlin:

But someone should tell Morgause (from a safe distance) that eyeliner looks daft with chainmail.