18 March 2009

That Goal Was Offside- I want £45 million because we didn't get into Europe because of it!

Just when I thought we'd finally put this whole stupid thing with Tevez to bed, we start getting sued by an ex-manager and Leeds United of all people.

Look, you got relegated due to your own incompetence. If we'd registered Tevez properly, he'd have been cleared to play.

Are you going to blame us for your poor footballing or are you going to try and get back into the Premier League?

Don't waste everyone's time.

16 March 2009

Upcoming Stuff

I got elected, pretty much unanimously, Administrator of the Ride The Edge club of AJJE Games recently. No-one else ran. That's a vote of confidence in itself, I hope.

I'ved Fast Eddie and the people at TV Tropes if I can take the articles on atomic weapons platforms there and put them here. They might be more suited for this. Who knows? I might even get a small community here.

I've also joined up for a Harpoon 4.1 Play By Email game, a single scenario one based on one of the scenarios for the High Tide (1980s Cold War) box set. I'll do a write-up on that once it's concluded.

Does anyone know a place that does D20 Modern PBEM, by the way?

09 March 2009

Northern Ireland

I haven't been blogging as often as I aim to. Can't make any promises on that regard, it's been busy.

So, a bunch of bigots have just killed two British soldiers in Antrim. The Real IRA has actually been setting off bombs for a while now, but the papers don't really care about property damage.

I don't think this callous act (they shot them some more while they were lying on the ground) will derail the peace process. The Daily Mail's attack on Gerry Adams is not really going to help matters, especially as a front page headline (then again, the Daily Fail was always deeply Unionist).

Cooler heads should prevail and these evil-minded terrorists will not return Northern Ireland to the bad old days of the Troubles.