28 October 2010

US mid-terms prediction

Here we go:

6 GOP gains, including Nevada. Murkowski wins narrowly in Alaska. Democrats retain control narrowly.

45 Republican pick-ups; enough for narrow control of the lower chamber.

27 October 2010

25 October 2010

Too many mavericks

I've just finished watching thorne: sleepyhead (complete with trendy no-caps title!).

It's another tale of a maverick police officer who is fully willing to disobey orders and in some cases the law in his investigations. In this one, he's party to an assisted suicide.

One colleague beats up a suspect.

I'm getting a bit tired of these sorts of coppers. For once, I'd like a copper who sticks to the rules. They're tempted to cross the line, but they never do. Perhaps they put their principles over their friends.

Please, I just want a change.

19 October 2010

The Strategic Defence and Security Review

As a card-carrying member of the opposition party, I'm naturally bound to say that I don't like this review. It's cutting too much at a time when we're at war. Especially Ark Royal.

However, there is one good thing. We may have to wait a decade for it, but come 2020, we're back in the CATOBAR business.

Now, if you excuse me, I've got an RP to create... :)

14 October 2010

Chile Mine Rescue

It could so easily have been another mine disaster that got a few lines in the paper.

The fact that it instead was a global media story and a true tale of triumph in difficult circumstances speaks volumes of the miners and the rescuers.

Congratulations to all of them - you deserve every peso you're going to get.

08 October 2010

The Central Line

I had to travel on the Central Line of London Underground today. That place is an oven at the best of times; and excessively noisy too.

It's a reason for Crossrail in itself.

03 October 2010

Unity Day

I'd like to wish the reunified Germany a Happy 20th Birthday.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!