25 April 2020

Coronavirus #7

It's clear that the Government dropped the ball in the initial handling of this; to be honest, most people did in one way or another. While the death toll is grim, we seem to have avoided the even worse scenario of a NHS collapse and infections are slowly coming down.

The question is of course how to lift the lockdown without risking a 'second peak'. A blanket "stay at home" policy cannot continue indefinitely, as we need to get the economy and society going again - we are likely to be dealing with this in some form or another for at least the rest of this year.

A lot of places will need to adapt for social distancing to minimise the spread of this; but let's remember how this is spread - by coughing and saliva. So, it seems to me that cloth face masks are the best way to reduce further spread and I would wear one on public transport if that was recommended.

For one thing, staying at home is boring and I want to see the world again.

12 April 2020

The Lord of Hope - Easter 2020

Since the churches have closed, we've been having services online streamed from the home of our minister. They're somewhat shorter than usual as it is rather difficult to sign hymns in a case like this, or to take a collection (people have been advised to use Justgiving or send a cheque when we resume "normal" activity.

It's a pretty unpleasant time for everyone, although of course much worse if you are affected by Covid-19 directly or indirectly. A lot more people are likely to die around the world before this virus is dealt with.

But things will get better and not just with regards to this virus. Things will improve across this whole fallen world. The Risen Lord will come back at some point (we do not know when) and create a new world, where the righteous will live free from the chains of death, fear and sadness.

Happy Easter. Have a good time at home.

04 April 2020

Coronavirus #6

Working from home gets a bit boring after a while. While I can talk online at with my colleagues, the lack of noise is something I miss. I might end up putting Spotify on...