29 August 2017

North Korea missile test

Now that was completely and utterly reckless. Firing a missile over another country without any warning...

And we don't know how accurate those missiles actually are.

Yet the cost of taking military action against the DPRK is going to be very high.

There are no easy solutions here.

18 August 2017

Sir Bruce Forsyth 1928-2017

Not many people spend seven decades in showbiz. Not many have a comeback when most of us would have retired. 

A true icon of British television has taken his final bow. It was nice to see him...

03 August 2017

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Yongary

This dubbed 1969 Korean Godzilla rip-off is very tepid; the action is not good but there isn't enough truly bad stuff to make it a classic riff field. Jonah et al do what they can with what they have, but it's not a brilliant episode by a long chalk. 

Great song at the end though.