28 November 2010

Thoughts on the Irish bailout

If we're having to bail so many people out, we need some new boats.

There's got to be a new world financial system that stops people from getting into these situations.

25 November 2010

Day of Defeat GunGame

It's been a while since I've had a good deathmatch and today I had one.

Or rather "GunGame". I only got up to level 8 in this, but it was still seriously enjoyable.

I should have noted the name of the server; it was a good time.

24 November 2010

Wow. Just wow.

A trailer for a fan-made short movie set in the Half-Life universe. Seriously, this is pretty impressive.

(Contains strong violence)

23 November 2010

47 Years of Doctor Who

23 November always holds a large significance for science fiction fans; it's the anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Doctor Who.

I'm still amazed today at how big the show still is; especially as I became a fan during the hiatus years. The stars of the show are among the most recognisable people in the UK and a show that was once only remembered for wobbly sets is now loved by millions.

The five years since the revival have seen the show grow from strength to strength.

Long may it continue.

The shelling in South Korea

I woke up at 8am this morning to hear the news of the North Korean shelling of a South Korean island.

Kim Jong-Il and his cabal are acting completely beyond the norms of international behaviour; you don't shell someone for a regular military exercise, even if you don't like it.

I hope and pray this doesn't escalate. I may be thousands of miles away, but others aren't...

21 November 2010

Mr. Cable, that's about as transparent as a document wallet

Vince Cable claims Lib Dems did not make promise on transparent fees.

No-one ever thought the Lib Dems were going to win the election outright (even in the Cleggmania days); they'd best be part of a coalition government.

His waltz scores low with this judge.

19 November 2010

Friday Update

I've just played a few rounds of Day of Defeat: Source and as usual been killed far more than killed myself (to give you an idea; my kill/death ratio in Battlefield 2 is 1 to 5 and this was considerably higher.

Perhaps it's lag, perhaps it's my not hugely fast reaction times. Oh, well, I don't do it for the money.

I've got another new RP up at Phoenix; a medieval sim called A Kingdom for A Stage. I'll be kicking this off around the beginning of December.

Schism report is on a hold due to ongoing matters linked to it.

16 November 2010


Signed up for this today.

I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a boring level-up game like O-Game. It looks pretty interesting and dynamic, but if my time contracts, this will be first to go.

How I would solve the US deficit

Interesting thing from the New York Times.

I've got a nice balance between tax increases and spending cuts, IMHO. I tried to eliminate "unnecessary spending".

13 November 2010

Rememberance: Where they fell

A very interesting BBC article on the wars Britain has fought since 1945.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi's release from house arrest is a great moment for all democrats.

I hope that further change will come to Burma. However, following the rigged elections of last week, I'm worried about how fast that change will come.

Still, a good day. Power is starting slip away from this junta.

11 November 2010

A worthy article on the deficit

From Channel 4 FactCheck.

Like my header says - concentrate on what cannot lie.

Question of the day

Stacey Solomon appearing on I'm A Celebrity: a step up or a step down?

RAF Bomber Command

Jams made an excellent choice of picture on his blog today and while having a look for information on casualties that Bomber Command suffered, I found this website.

Very interesting and a reminder of the multiple roles that Bomber Command played; not just the attacks on Germany, but air support and the U-Boat War.

Armistice Day

Today marks the 92nd anniversary of the end of fighting in the First World War.

While all the veterans from that time have passed on, the legacy of that war still impacts our society and our world.

Today, British soldiers continue to fight for freedom in a foreign land.

We will remember them.

09 November 2010

Harpoon: Ultimate Edition

I got this on Friday from Matrix Games and am currently playing through all the versions, doing a scenario in each.

Here's the in-progress AAR.

03 November 2010

Tea. Republican. Black. There is a deficit on after all - Ten things we've learnt from the mid-terms

  1. Pulchritude is not in itself an election winner. Especially if you dabbled in witchcraft.
  2. Do not race-bait in Nevada.
  3. Harry Reid is a political Time Lord.
  4. Sarah Palin is not very good at getting people elected.
  5. Just because you can make fake wrestling does not mean you can make real votes.
  6. Even robo-polls can go wrong.
  7. Sometimes it's even worse than you expect.
  8. I'm no prediction master (but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying).
  9. Personal votes are tricky things.
  10. Californians aren't hippies.

01 November 2010