30 July 2009

So called "non-jobs"

Daily Mail article

Six months work experience will be very helpful when applying for later jobs. Being a museum guide is not a "non-job".

I welcome this initiative.

25 July 2009

Harry Patch RIP

The last man who served in the trenches has died. Rest In Peace.

While the Western Front has now faded from living memory, let us ensure it is never forgotten.

24 July 2009

Norwich North

Well, it was always like we'd lose, but that was a bad loss. What appears to be the case is our voters are staying at home and probably will for a good few years.

We need to start thinking beyond 2010 and towards 2014/15. We need a "New New Labour", one that combines social justice with toughness.

20 July 2009

Cricket and Academic Punk

Nice one England. We might just win back the Ashes on a performance like that.

The new Doctor's costume
has been released to the press and I have to say that I like it. It's just the right kind of look for a Time Lord. Credit to RealJamie at Gallifrey Base for "academic punk", which should get a wide use.

Story I was going to relate but other events overtook it - a non-fan mate of mine saw a picture of Karen Gillan on the front cover of Doctor Who Magazine and said that he might have to start watching the show. Interpret that how you will.

11 July 2009

General Musings

Jams has a thought-provoking article on women in Afghanistan. I don't agree with his conclusion, but he makes a good point nonetheless.

I don't frankly know why David Cameron employed a guy who resigned over phone-hacking in the first place, as well as edited a trashy tabloid. Personally, I think that spin doctors are one of the biggest threats to democracy at present- they are only increasing cynicism and driving people to the BNP et. al.

The Tory 10% cuts are also an extremely bad idea. This will lead to job losses and we all know that people in work spend more money. If I was to spend £100 in any shop, I'd probably be helping several businesses indirectly. Even billionaires help keep textile workers in work.

The "agreement about an agreement" that is the Joint Understanding on the START replacement treaty is interesting and helpful. That said, both sides ought to be looking at tactical nukes as well.