31 January 2007

The hydrogen bomb

I've been watching Nuclear Secrets on BBC2 and found it quite good. The latest episode is about the hydrogen bomb. I wasn't sure whether it was the right decision to make it until I heard some of the stuff about the effects of the hydrogen bomb. It essentially atomises anything within three miles of Ground Zero.

That's far too powerful to be allowed. These weapons should be banned.

27 January 2007

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Let's hope and pray that the current repetition in Darfur is stopped and quickly.

24 January 2007

State of the Union

I watched Bush's speech off C-SPAN this morning. It wasn't brilliant. It had some good proposals, but the Iraq section was somewhat poor.

Oh, and it's always funny when half of Congress stand up. Does anyone think that Bush was being a bit insincere when he congratulated Speaker Pelosi.

Comments are welcome.

17 January 2007

Five Minutes to Midnight...

The Doomsday Clock has moved for the first time in four years.

It now stands at 11.55pm.

This is obviously a bad thing. It's why we need action on climate change and nuclear weapons.

15 January 2007

The surge

I always seem to be coming back to an Iraq discussion. I won't insult your intelligence by saying why.

So let's be brief here.

The surge sounds like a good idea. I hope it works. If it doesn't, we should set a private timetable for getting out.

The war was the right decison. It was just badly carried out.

By the way, can someone tell me about the Congressional vote on the surge plan. What type of resolution will it be?

WarGames and Hotel Rwanda

I watched WarGames on Sunday. It's a reasonably entertaining film. Logically slightly insane, but still entertaining.

I also watched Hotel Rwanda. Well-made and educational. It's not really meant to be entertaining.

13 January 2007


Wonder what the URL for this post will be. That's not a typo, BTW, the underscore is included in the film's title.

And a pretty good film it is too. Great twists throughout and a great plot. And it's not particularly gory either. I didn't recognise Jon Bon Jovi, but then again I don't really follow 80s pop.

11 January 2007

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

I haven't had a huge amount of experience of Japanese Anime. About the only thing that I'd watched before this was Pokemon. When I saw this film was being shown on Sci-Fi, I decided to tape it, after having the series recommended to me by a friend.

Perhaps I really ought to have watched it all in one go. I tend to enjoy films more when I do that. Not that that'll stop me when it comes to Cry_Wolf.

For those of you who don't know, Cowboy Bebop is a series about a team futuristic bounty hunters. The film is about their attempts to find a terrorist.

It's quite a good film with plenty of twists and turns, although it is a bit hard to follow. The opening sequence is particularly good.

10 January 2007

Lord of War

I'm going to start doing a reasonably regular feature on the films that I've watched. First up is Lord of War, which, if you don't know already, is about gunrunning. It stars Nicholas Cage.

The film isn't really meant to be entertainment, but more to talk about the arms trade. It makes some very good educational points about the arms trade, an area I'm interested in. While there are some anarchronisms (and factual inaccuracies) in it, it is still watchable and I'd recommend it.

I'd also recommend you watch this:


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