31 January 2009

Incompetent Television's doing it wrong

I'm a bit of a fan of The Bill. As you may be aware, ITV are moving the show to once weekly at 9pm.

Clearly, they want to stick on more football and other "ratings pullers". Then after those shows, you'll be able to watch cops topless, I'd say.

I am not impressed at all this. Partly, I don't like ITV's approach to things. Secondly, a strong ITV is needed to ensure a strong BBC.

Take ITV's fiction production. They can do one-off dramas like Unforgiven fairly. Their crime dramas are fairly good too (Taggart has now adapted to the hour slot effectively).

However, their comedy is awful (that Santa Contest thing, for example), they closed their childrens' department a couple of years back and their game shows aren't all that good.

Don't get me started on Demons, a show that Willow Rosenburg would have for breakfast in terms of quality.

Seriously, Grade gets an F.

What happens when you award the contract to the lowest bidder...

Certain words are coming back to haunt Gordon Brown.

What we need, basically, is a global minimum wage. This would mean that people would be judged based on their skills, not how much they're willing to work for.

30 January 2009

Man, Man U winning again???

Can Sir Alex please retire and let someone else dominate the game for a change?

27 January 2009

Holocaust Memorial Day

64 years ago today, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz, the most infamous of the Nazi concentration camps. If you're ever in Poland and get the opportunity to go, pay a visit. You will not fully understand it until you have been there. In fact, you can't really fully understand it.

What makes someone take a person's clothes, shave all the hair from their body, force that person into a closed room while claiming it's a shower room and then gas him or her? Merely because of their ethnic background.

We are all children of God and racism is utterly wrong- regardless of who practices it.

19 January 2009

The Second Great Depression?

Mr. Brown (why am I doing that? It sounds like I'm blogging in the 1950s- now there's an idea...) has announced another large injection of public money into the banking sector to try and get the banks lending again.

I don't know whether this is going to work. I'm worried it won't.

I think that we could end up with another depression- and a big one.

Good Morning Mr. President, my name's Reality. Now give me your wallet.

Tomorrow marks the end of the Presidency of George W. Bush. I'm not going to do a full review of his presidency and his legacy because firstly it's clichéd and secondly, I think it's too early to fully judge him. I will say that I believe he'll go down fairly badly in history, but not as badly as many think at the moment.

With Bush's leaving office, Barack Hussein Obama (now there's a name you wouldn't have thought would be elected President even a decade ago) will become the 44th President.

Now I've got some cold hard facts for the huge number of Obama cheerleaders and groupies out there:

Obama's election was nothing more than the rejection of an incumbent government for economic incompetence in favour of a charismatic young politician who preached change and makes good speeches. It does not mark the end of conservatism by any means, especially as John McCain got only a million or so votes less than George W. Bush. It was not a landslide victory- Reagan won a bigger one. All that happened was that a load of first-time voters arrived and a load of Republicans stayed at home. This will not the same come 2012.

Mr. Obama had better perform and perform well.

15 January 2009

Heathrow Airport Expansion

The Government has decided to go ahead with the expansion of Heathrow to include a third runway and a sixth terminal, along with some new rail links and other stuff to try and balance out the environmental impact.

I'm not in favour of the airport expansion, at least not at Heathrow.

There is the obvious environmental aspect, although some of the green campaigners need to think of the long-term impact of their actions on the global economy and tackling poverty.

As for creation of jobs- you don't need an airport to do that.

I'd like to see where the aviation market is at in five years before a decision anyway- it might not keep growing.

I suspect this won't be built- the courts will throw it out or the government will change.

BTW, Boris Johnson's Thames Estuary idea is stupid.

12 January 2009

Covert-81 is up!

The game has been created!

If you want join, go to AJJE Games (link on my link bar) go to Ride The Edge and then to the application form.

We start on Friday.


06 January 2009

London Lite fails geography...

It stated today that it's currently colder than parts of Antarctica.

Well, of course. It's summer in Antarctica. Aussies do celebrate Christmas on the beach after all...

01 January 2009

Starting 2009- RP Plans

Ah, the joys of automated posting. I was out bell ringing in the new year when midnight came. Hope you don't mind.

I hope that Covert-81 will go up soon. I've got plans (more or less) for the entire "first season" of this RP and I really look forward to starting it. I will keep you informed.

I have plans to develop another couple of RPs for AJJE Games. I won't really be playing in these, just setting them and letting someone else have all the fun of GMing. I have my limits and more ideas than time to implement them...

If you've got any good, original RP ideas, please email me at silenthunta@hotmail.com. You'll get full credit.

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy 2009!