29 October 2009

Pillars Of Sand

The US economy grew last quarter, officially ending the recession there.


I can’t help but feel, though, that said recovery is entirely due to TARP and “Cash for Clunkers” and that there’s still a lot of fragility in the real economy... Remember the jobless rate.

25 October 2009

Griffin and Question Time

I haven't posted here for a while- trying to resolve a crisis at AJJE Games that looks about to spill into the open.

I'm not sure about whether it was a good idea to invite Griffin onto Question Time. It certainly gave him the oxygen of publicity, but it also gave people some good quotes to attack him on. Defending the Ku Klux Klan, for example.

Speaking of indigenous Brits, how far back does he want to go with "voluntary repatriation"?

We'll have to see what this does to the success of the BNP.

13 October 2009

An interesting picture



I saw someone similar- it may have been these people- in Chicago last year. I remember some dude telling people to die. I guess it was an attempt at a joke.

09 October 2009

Apparently You Get Points For Trying

The decision of the Norwegian Storting to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize bemuses me to say the least.


The man apparently got it for strengthening international institutions and promoting global nuclear disarmament. By this logic, FDR should have got one for setting up the UN and Reagan for ending the Cold War.


The word “premature” comes to mind. I really wish people would stop waving pom-poms for this guy before he actually achieves something.


PS Can someone brighten up Mile End tube station please?

08 October 2009

Sir Richard Dannatt and the Tories

May not be an opportunist political gimmick...


But the timing looks mighty suspicious. It’s very rare for a serving officer to make public criticisms of policy (Sir John Hackett did it once and got away with it by wearing his NATO hat) and to go straight into a political advisory role to the Shadow Cabinet isn’t really cricket.


I naturally favour our troops having what they need to succeed in Afghanistan, but Dannatt has possibly done them a disservice.