28 February 2006

South Africa Municipal

South Africa has its municipal elections tomorrow. No info on the Wiki, but it wouldn't surprise if the ANC did *very* well...

25 February 2006

Doctor Who in America

Trailers are airing on Sci-Fi US for the new Doctor Who, starting 17 March with a double bill.

As part of our service to our many US visitors, I intend to post my "Nine Thoughts on Who" series (originally posted on Outpost Gallifrey) to match the US transmission.

To give you an idea of what they're like, here are my 9 Thoughts on Classic episode "The Horns of Nimon":

1. TB spends a lot of this episode wandering around, fiddling with electronic equipment, accidentally sending Romana to Crinoth etc. Not TB's best story.
2. Oh, but it's definitely one of Lalla Ward's. She pretty much steals the show here. Great costume (but lose the gloves), some great anger and some good lines.
3. There are times when K9 becomes a problem. This is one of them. He makes an unconvincing exit from the TARDIS and spends a lot of his time disassembled on a table. He has his uses, i.e. finding a way out of the complex, but 'extra blaster' should not be his role.
4. Soldeed is played with more ham than a butcher's shop. "Lord Nimon, Lord Nimon"... Amusing, yes, threatening, no.
5. The yellow suited teens from Aneth. Limp and unconvincing. I don't like them.
6. The constantly changing corridor layout was done very well considering the budget.
7. The Nimon. They do look a bit silly. It's awfully hard to shoot someone with those horns when you have to bend down to do so.
8. There were some good one liners in this. The last scene is particularly good.
9. Was that strange spring releasing noise when the TARDIS went wrong "Bloodnok's stomach"?All in all, an enjoyable episode. Not one of the best, but likeable if you approach it correctly.

Municipal March

Time to reveal what's coming up in the world elections for 03/06.

We kick off the month with South African municipals. Wiki has nowt on them.

At some point the Solomon Islands elect their Parliament.

It's Benin on the 5th. I wonder if we'll get any boycotts again.

More Municipals, this time in Netherlands. Could be a big test for Balkenende ahead of parliamentary elections next May.

The Latin American Year continues with Colombia and El Salvador electing their Parliaments on the same day (the 12th).

South Australia Municipals on the 18th.

Then watch the rig-a-thon of Belarus the day after.

Haiti goes for a second round on the same day, but the Presidency's already been settled- well done Perval. Seriously, I wish you all the best.

Sao Tome and Principe on the 26th. Should go pretty easily, but I know nothing about it.

Ukraine on the same day. Going to be a big test for Yuschenko, for whom the bloom has come the rose bush in a big way. Watch out for Yuliya Tymoshenko's bloc as well- she wants her job back

Highlight of the month will be a crucial election in Israel. Probable Kadima victory, but it's going to a race between Likud and Labour for second place.

Museveni wins in Uganda


When the opposition complains, it's often a sign that something was dodgy somewhere. You just don't get this in fully democratic countries.

It wasn't a total sweep for Museveni- several leaders lost their seats in the Parliament (I can't access results for this though- the Uganda Electoral Commission site is down).

Stargate SG-1

I got the first season of SG-1 on DVD a while ago and finished it the other day. It's quite an enjoyable series (although its plots are a bit repetitive at times). Anyone know any good UK fansites for this show?

24 February 2006

Thailand to have a Snapper

A snap election that is. Out of the ultramarine, Thaksin's announced new elections. It probably won't be a repeat of last time (Where "Thais Love Thais" got 375 out of 500 seats), but he'll probably stay in power.

PS: 24 Thoughts on 24 will be up here by Monday.

18 February 2006


Friday sees Uganda's first multiparty elections since 1986. The opposition leader got arrested on treason charges, which may or may not have been fabricated.

Let's hope it goes well.

16 February 2006


I see that Hyperdrive- a sci-fi comedy on BBC2- has been renewed for a second season. It probably deserves it, but it's not as good as Red Dwarf.

Haiti and Tokelau

I note with some dismay that Haiti's election results are being held until the whole mess regarding those burned ballots is sorted out. Very little in that election seems to be going right.

Tokelau's not going to be an independent country. Only 60% of the vote was in favour- short of the 2/3 majority needed.

10 February 2006

Lib Dem GAIN Dunfermline and West Fife

OK, I got it wrong. Willie Rennie is the new MP for this constituency, after getting a 16% swing from Labour.

Only good thing is that the Tories also went down.

Don't know precisely why we lost, but Mr. Rennie shouldn't get too comfortable.

08 February 2006

07 February 2006

Costa Rica and Haiti

The Costa Rica presidency is too close to call- only 5,000 votes in it. I thought Arias was going to win. He still might, but it'll be a couple of weeks before we find out.

Haiti wasn't delayed after all, and is happening today. I wish the people of Haiti all the best in rebuilding their country.

02 February 2006

West Ham 3-2 Arsenal

Always funny when the ball goes between the goalie's legs...

What's that now, five wins in a row?

Oh, and Newcastle have sacked their manager...

State of the Union

Watched State of the Union yesterday (I was asleep when it was on).

Not much to write home back. A competent (which in my book means it does the job, that's all) speech, with some odd moments (animal-human hybrids?) and the always funny "Watch only the Republicans stand up" moments (brilliantly subverted when the Democrats did it on Social Security).

It's also fun seeing who you recognise in the shots. The Beeb showed Clinton a lot and Kerry (all Dems can dream and remember that this would have been his second such speech).

What did you think?