29 March 2017

Triggering Article 50

So, today we're triggering Article 50 and beginning the process of leaving the European Union.

Now I respect the will of the people, but I still think it's a mistake to do this. This is ultimately the result of immigration and pulling up the drawbridge does not deal with the fundamental issues of global inequality. We sit here all snug, pretty and fat in our Western world, while hundreds of millions still struggle to get by.

The sun once never set on the British Empire. Personally, I believe the sun is beginning to set on Britain and the West. We are in decline as other powers rise up... the wheel of power is turning...

22 March 2017

Westminster terrorist attack

At least two people have been killed in a terrorist attack in Westminster in London. Full details remain sketchy and will probably be for some time. It seems the police responded very quickly to this and hopefully the incident is now contained.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those caught up in this horrific situation.

10 March 2017

Old Street station

I thought I'd share some photographs that I took yesterday of the Great Northern platforms at Old Street. This is on the former 'Northern City' line, part of the London Underground and taken over by British Rail in 1976; it was where the Class 313s first appeared and the dual-voltage units remain in use, although will be replaced by new Class 717s in the next couple of years.

The station is very much a throwback to the 1990s; with Network SouthEast tiling still very much in place.

So, here you go: