31 July 2021

Exit Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall

So, Jodie Whittaker is following the example of her three predecessors being doing "three seasons and out"; her final Doctor Who story will be broadcast next autumn. Chris Chibnall will be out of the door as well.

Jodie Whittaker is a very good actor and ultimately never got the material needed to fully shine as the Doctor. I hope she does some Big Finish, which very much redeemed Colin Baker in the eyes of the fandom.

Chibnall, while having done some good stuff in the past, like Broadchurch, ultimately proved out of his depth for the show. You need someone with strong fantasy/science fiction experience as well, which he ultimately didn't have. Some of the stories were a bit too preachy - while political commentary has a strong place in science fiction, it works best when it's subtle and wrapped in an entertaining story.

As to the next Doctor, I would definitely like another woman in the role.

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