18 March 2012

TOAW III Turn 17: Enemy breakthrough

I clicked the “Change PO mode” button by mistake, which may have had the effect of resetting some force tactical stances and eroding fortifications, but something certainly has gone wrong:



A decent penetration down south has ended and the UN forces now have a gap in my lines that I can’t easily block. I’m down to only a marginal victory at the moment and I’ve started to pull back some of my forces to a more defendable line – not all of them have made it through. It’s worth noting that I am playing this Communist-style – throwing my forces into attacks they can’t win, purely to slow the enemy down. I might change my force disposition to “Ignore Losses”, but only if the border is crossed.


Even the fortified troops have been dislodged – let’s hope that I can stop them before they get too far north.




Pete Maidhof said...

How are you enjoying TOAW III? I have had all of the various incarnations yet it never really held my focus for whatever reason.

Silent Hunter said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying it a lot. Once this is done, I'm going to try a Second World War scenario, probably Crete.