07 March 2012

A nice slice of pizza (Review: 'Leverage' 3.5 "The Double-Blind Job")

A good varied television diet consists of a variety of food. Solid dramatic peas, nice fresh comedy juice - and pizza.

Leverage, a show that can essentially be described as an American version of Hustle albeit with more safe-cracking and hacking, is one of my pizza shows. The plots aren't too demanding and the characters are vibrant with a hint of spice, even if Parker's brain works in mysterious ways.

In this episode, the team have to bring down a corrupt corporate executive who is trying to launch a new drug that is an exact copy of a...

[Edited to remove spoilers - Ed.]

All in all, this is an enjoyable episode. The characterisation continues to be great, the plot is clever and the twists are enjoyable. Wasn't too keen on the end, where [Spoiler]. Also, some of the stuff mentioned, if true, is ever so slightly alarming.

Glad that FX are now showing this - I've been waiting ages for Season 3.


PS Won't be reviewing the Castle season opener on tonight - will be doing an episode later in the season though.

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