04 March 2012

TacOps AAR Part 12: the other well-known Abrams

0920 to 0929


Red split his forces into two at this point – to disguise the primary northern thrust.


The southern force was now running into my armour and an infantry squad bit the dust as a result. At 0922, a BTR unit drove next to an infantry squad and suffered death by LAAW. There was little fighting during the first few minutes.


At 0925, one of my tank units got taken out by AT-7 Saxhorn ATGMs  – I’m sure M1s are better than that. I know Challenger IIs certainly are (one got pounded by RPGs during Operation Iraqi Freedom and survived intact, with the only injury one broken wrist). The advance tank and infantry units certainly did some damage to Coyote’s forces, although probably not enough.


During this time, I was also trying to kill the northern force, but lack of a firm location on the units meant my artillery mostly missed or just suppressed a vehicle. HE ammo isn’t very good at handling armour at all.


At 0929, a 122mm howitzer and ZSU-23-4 arrived with the southern force. The latter of those would become a pain in the neck.


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