17 March 2012

TacOps AAR Part 13: Mind the Gap - or it will cost you

0930 to 0939


My artillery started with a fairly effective strike on the northern forces – taking out another armoured vehicle at 0930 and another at 0931. However, an airstrike on a pesky 120mm mortar unit failed when my aircraft was shot down by Iglas.


Also in the north, Red’s advance ran into some of my M1s and an exchange of gunfire took out both the Abrams and a BRDM unit. He was also popping down a lot of smoke – in fact this was to obscure my visibility of his forces. Something to remember for future. I lost another M1 unit at 0934 and REDFOR now had a pretty much open path to the goal line. I wasn’t going to be able to stop him in time.


Much of this battle involved long-range firing of some sort. The tank gun and missile fire proved deadly to both sides, but the small arms fire, not so much. I’ve never fired a machine gun in my life, but I am imagine they are not all that accurate at over a kilometre.


Artillery continued to tear up the battlefield, as my ICM shells cracked upon a couple of BMP2s and forced their passengers to have to walk. Coyote went after one of my Javelin units and inflicted some casualties as well. Those Javelins were going to pose a danger to his vehicles and I understand why he wanted rid.


It was even clearer at 0938 as the Red forces in the centre of the battlefield got into range of said Javelin units and took a heavy pounding – most of those units would advance much further. I knocked out a T80U unit at 0939, but there were still a lot of enemy on the battlefield:


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