01 January 2012

Delaying Action - A TacOps 4 AAR - Part One

[I’m posting these as individual parts and as I watch the long replay, but I’ll eventually put a single PDF version of this report together that will replace all the posts on here, which may well be revised]

First rule of politics, kiddo: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
-          Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, Boardwalk Empire

I wish that I could tell you the story of how a young, plucky Brit with very limited TacOps experience held off the superior numbers of a veteran player (kind of like that time I held someone to a draw in a game of Harpoon ANW) with nothing but a stiff upper lip and Kaylee Frye on an M60.

Sadly, though, I can’t. I lost this, mostly due to my own inexperience. That said, I feel that I didn’t make a complete pig’s ear of it.

Task Force Nankervis, one of the largest scenarios in the boxed game, involves a USMC Brigade having to seize a valley in a helicopter assault and then hold it (with reinforcements) against an OPFOR attack through the valley. To win, I would need to clear all five objectives and stop 60% of the superior Red Forces from traversing through east to west. The game options I chose hid information about the enemy order of battle from me (and vice versa), which made things more interesting.

I’ll break down this battle in ten minute chunks, covering ten minutes at a time.

0700 to 0709

My initial assault was with my helicopters against objectives A and C – dropping off most of my the forces there. Intensive ground fire followed and within two minutes, I’d suffered fifteen per cent casualties, including 21 transport choppers and a lot of valuable anti-tank units that would been very handy later. Red gained almost 5000 points and I only eliminated a paltry 40 point infantry squad. Therefore, I withdrew twenty of my CH46 and CH53s off the southern edge, thinking that they had fulfilled their purpose. This was in retrospect a major error – it deprived me of valuable airlift capacity and also machinegun platforms.

In the initial exchange of notes after ENDEX, Coyote noted my opening moves were very aggressive – perhaps too so in hindsight.

At 0704, my Apaches wreaked havoc with Hellfires (now there’s some alliteration) on the BTRs that were located to the north-east, but 152mm fire from Coyote caused the same on units that were too closely bunched together - I noticed this and started to disperse them.

I took Objective A at 0708, but my attack on Objective C faltered under heavy RPG fire that took out a large number of vehicles. I also started using the machine gun carrying Chinooks  against the infantry in Objective E.

The opening ten minutes weren’t brilliant for me at all. I’d already suffered 25% casualties for only 2% on REDFOR – only eliminating 12 of their 203 BTRs.

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Anonymous said...

Rough morning for the rotor heads. Might land them a couple of clicks away and march in, next time. :) Best regards, Major H.