25 March 2012

TacOps AAR Part 14

0940 to 0949


This time period started off with a large-scale artillery exchange that each side focussed on the units on the front lines (especially those around Objective D) – on the whole I came off worse as a good amount of my artillery missed. A T80U tried and failed to hit one of my MG units at 1900 metres with DU and machine gun fire, which punctuated the continuous explosions.


A close range fire fight at 0942 eliminated my easternmost infantry squad in grid square 1100 and so I lost further battlefield perspective. I still hadn’t noticed the main enemy advance in the north and wouldn’t.


Speaking of Objective D, most of the REDFOR units there were now on foot – they wouldn’t be able to reach the goal line. If I’d fully realised/appreciated this, I might have looked elsewhere. Oh, well, now I know. I can also see that the units west of it in 0603 were far too closely bunched together – in fact, I really knew that at the time and couldn’t do much about it.


0945 and 0946 saw several units eliminated around D as the OPFOR supporting attack (as I know now it was) took heavy casualties, although it ultimately achieved my opponent’s desired effect. Coyote moved his main attack in the north south 1.5 km as he thought correctly that I didn’t have observation of the low ground there. That main attack now came under intense ATGM fire from my main line and also was attacked by a M1 unit I’d parked in front of it – said platoon was eliminated in the space of a turn from Red’s own missiles. To cover, I was now diverting every vehicular unit I could in a desperate attempt to slow down the enemy – reacting to his moves rather than making him react to mine, which is the behaviour of someone who is heading for defeat. The move wasn’t working as he had the distinct firepower advantage.

As 0950 came around, Red had gotten a good couple of companies through my line and had a good regiment or so coming up to follow them… In retrospect, there was more chance of Wayne Rooney kicking a football through my window than me winning this now.





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