16 April 2006


My 9 Points:
1. CE made an all-round good performance. Showed genuine emotion about Rose's apparent demise (we all knew she'd survived anyway) and genuine anger that I haven't seen for ages in the Doctor.
2. BP did what she did very well indeed, which was make quips (the slap one was good) and feel sorry for the Dalek. I was thinking "No, Rose, it's going to kill you".
3. I've never felt sorry for a Dalek before, but I have now. A brilliant vocal performance by Nicholas Briggs, conveying genuine sadness and tenderness. The Kaled creature was actually slightly cute.
4. Henry van Statten was brilliantly slimy at the beginning, but you had to fell sorry for him at the end when he got carted off on the orders of the character I'm nicknaming Michelle.
5. So that's what the sinkplunger does. Ouch.
6. There could have been a bit more action in this episode. What there was, however, was done very well.
7. 'Five Rounds Rapid' never works, does it.
8. "The woman you love" was the funniest line of the episode.
9. Adam was a nice enough character. I can see why Rose took a shine to him.

I voted 4, but it should be actually 5. The most emotional episodes of this series. A bit slow at the beginning, but a touching ending. In a choice between World War Three and this for best episode so far, this is it.

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