10 April 2006


1459: No real change in the second exit poll, but I'll try and get more details.
1501: I'm going to look for a faster Italian website.
1503: And I've found it with Italy's other network, MediaSet.
1507: Turnout's up 2.4% from last time at 86.9%
1524: I've got coverage from La Repubblica TV.
1526: In the Chamber of Deputies, it's expected to be 340 seats for the Union, 270 for CdL. There's been no change for the Senate from my earlier report, still 139-150 for CdL, 159-170 for the Union.
1530: No actual results yet. Things could still change dramatically.
I think the guy's saying this was a referendum on Berlusconi. Well, he's probably lost it then.
1532: We've gone to the ads. The first results are in.
1534: Those results are only for the Senate, however.
1538: Early results match the exit poll pretty closely, but very little has been counted.
1539: I'm looking at the regional breakdowns. Noticeable variations in support among individual parties and some alarming levels of support for the AN.
1541: First Chamber results and within exit poll bounds.

Right, that's it. I'll make the rest of my comments tomorrow.

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