16 April 2006

World War Three

1. CE was quite simply brilliant. He had brilliant lines throughout and was acting to the hilt. Also very funny as well.
2. BP again suffered from having little to do except get chased by the Slitheen. Did a half-Victoria (that's my name for a companion scream), but acceptable in the circumstances.
3. 'Mickey the idiot' actually pulled off a rather good performance here. It was nice to see him saving the day. Jackie on the other hand is rapidly becoming the weakest of the group.
4. The curse is broken! Harriet Jones didn't die, gave a lot of helpful hints and generally acted very well.
5. I'm assuming the Doctor was reading Mickey's mind down the phone when he gave him all those detailed instructions. That, or he's got one brilliant memory.
6. Nice to see the super mobile phone back. It has great potential here.
7. A very well-written plot, with some good twists.
8. The Slitheen were great and repulsive already. Good on the CGI- monsters that can run!
9. Where were the flags in the shot of the UN?
The word I used to describe 'Aliens of London' was competent. This episode is worthy of the word brilliant. What flaws there were in this episode were insignificant. Best episode of the season so far and in my opinion, up there with episodes like 'Caves' and 'Talons'.Well done Russell T Davies!

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