10 April 2006

The following is blogged between 2.12pm and 2.50pm...

(This is a change to my usual policy of not making comments until 90% is counted. I decided to LiveBlog this- it is a big election. I did Live journals for USA 2004, UK 2005 and Germany 2005 as well. I should have said "I won't make comments" rather than "I don't" earlier post. Sorry for misleading people)

1413: I'm trying to get Rai's election site up, but it's going really slowly at the moment. I think I'll try and look elsewhere).
1417: Reuters are reporting that the exit poll is for both houses and that there'll be a bigger exit poll at 1445. Points out that these polls can be wrong dramatically.
1424: I'm going to try and find a regional breakdown of this poll if possible, but it'll probably be junk in 20 minutes time.
1425: Prediction is that the Union will win 167 out of 315 seats in the Senate. Rai still going slow.
1427: Correction- Senate seat breakdown is:
Union 159-170
House 139-150
1429: Sound the alarm bells- Alleanza Nationale have come third in the Chamber elections, with at least 10% of the vote. I've got a party break down of the exit poll.
1432: It appears Forza Italia are the lead party in the Senate, but it's the coalition scores that count.
1437: I'm trying to get a regional breakdown of the exit poll.
1438: CdL (as I'll call House of Liberties from here on in) have won Sicily, Venice and Lombardy, but nowhere else. Union has won Emilio-Romagno and Tuscany very handily (60% in each).
1440: Five minutes until exit poll 2.
1441: No results for Valle d'Aosta or Trentino. Lazio looks like it could the one to watch.
1445: EP2 should be up any moment.
1448: It's not loading. Off to the Beeb.

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