13 November 2016

US Election: Some final thoughts

While I am still planning to take a break from politics, I feel the need to note down some final thoughts on this very strange week, as well as make some other comments elsewhere:

  • The capacity of experts to engage in group think and collective delusion is amazing. Experts thought Iraq had WMDs, failed to see the collapse of the Soviet Union coming in the way it did and that there was no way the US would elect Donald Trump.
  • There is a considerable nostalgia among 'baby boomers', for the 1950s and 1960s i.e. their childhood. Hence the popularity of shows like Call the Midwife. The same applies for Generation X with shows like Stranger Things and The Americans. Generation Y or the Millennials have yet to develop a nostalgia, but they will do.
  • There exists a considerable disconnect between white rural and suburban people with the democratic system - Trump did best in those areas.
  • There also exists a considerable disconnect between urban African-Americans and the system; there were major turnout drops in those areas. It cost Clinton Michigan, Pennsylvania and made Virginia much closer than it should have been.
  • Clinton was probably the wrong choice for candidate, but Bernie Sanders had other issues. If the Rust Belt isn't going to vote for a white woman from New York, they are sure as eggs is eggs not going to vote for an atheist from Vermont.
  • I personally think that the best candidate for the Democrats in 2020 is going to be a Southern or Mid West Governor or Senator. Every New Englander they've nominated since Kennedy has lost.
  • I am genuinely curious about when Trump supporters think America stopped being great and am going to ask about this.
  • This article is well worth reading.
  • Focus is now going to move onto France and stopping Marine Le Pen from winning there. France uses the 'Second Ballot' system so she will have to win a majority in the second round to get her hands on the French nuclear codes. No fascist even won a majority of votes - even Hitler didn't - but we need to not be complacent.

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