09 November 2016

President Trump

Well, that was a turn up for the books. It seems the pollsters and pundits got something very wrong somewhere.

Some thoughts already based on the results and the CNN exit poll:
* Nate Silver must be feeling very pleased with himself right now; he was the only one who really saw the possibility of this coming.
* Trump actually did *better* among Latino and African American voters than Romney did. That defies logic to me.
* He also won a majority of the Christian vote.
* In retrospect, Clinton was the wrong candidate for the Democrats; although I doubt Bernie Saunders would have been any better.
* No-one was really expecting Pennsylvania to go for the Republicans.
* Trump's victory was down to angry white men. That is a declining demographic in the US.
* Donald Trump is about to encounter some very hard political realities; 'draining the swamp' will be harder than he thinks.
* Obamacare is dead, Roe vs. Wade will probably fall as well.
* The border wall will probably never be completed; certainly not in four years.

Well, this is capping off what has been a pretty bad year for this planet. That said, things are unlikely to turn out as bad as some have feared.

It will be bad, but I think the US will survive.

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