11 November 2016

A break from politics

This year has been a pretty awful one all round. We have seen votes where you can tell a pack of lies and still win, mass movement of refugees as the Middle East continues to be ravaged by war, a continuing decline in social morals... the list goes on.

I'm planning to take a break from active discussion of politics until at least the start of next year, maybe longer. I don't see any real chance of meaningful positive change for this planet at the moment, not with humanity like it is.

Only God can help us now. I suggest you pray for him to change the hearts of the world's nastiest predators, because that's what we are. Cobras don't use social media to spread hate.

Jesus will come back at some point, but we won't know until it happens and as the Book of Revelation makes clear, there will be more pain first.

Take care of yourself and stay safe. This is going to be a very difficult time in human history.

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