15 October 2012

Biden vs. Ryan: The Vice-Presidential Debate

I've finally managed to watch the VP debate.

Martha Raddatz was a superb moderator, running an efficient format, promoting debate and asking the questions that many people wanted answering. She wasn't afraid to probe both candidates for further information.

Joe Biden was the clear winner. He looked Presidential, sounded Presidential and demolished Paul Ryan on a good deal of policy issues (although by no means all). If Biden were to run for President in 2016, I could see him winning - however, he'll be 74 shortly after that election and so I doubt he will do so.

As for Ryan, he looked more like a FOX News commentator than a potential President (in terms of the historical average, America is past due a death in office, although hopefully it won't happen). He needs to gain further experience and sort out his policies if he wants a chance at going for the big time in 2016 or 2020.

The polls are indicating that Biden has enthused the Democratic base and stopped the post-Debate 1 slide from Obama. Now it'll be Obama's turn to hold or boost his position - I think he will.

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