17 October 2012

Obama vs. Romney: Debate 2

I switched to CNN for this debate - they had the 'scrolling lines' thing here, but I still lost the last question when my recording stopped. Sort it out, Sky!

While not as good as Martha Raddatz and seriously lacking in an ability to rein candidates in (there is a place for a buzzer here), Candy Crowley did a competent job as moderator and her refuting of Romney's statement on the Libyan terrorist attacks, along with a clarification that the Obama administration did not use the term again for two weeks, will be a defining moment of this election. More of this please.

Barack Obama came back a good deal stronger than in the first debate, winning this one convincingly. He was stronger on style and a lot stronger on content.

Mitt Romney could have turned this into a toss-up race and I think he's blown it - the third debate has a far smaller impact as the undecided pool shrinks (and it's on foreign policy too). While getting style points, his contradictory statements from the primaries were made clear - his world view turns me off more and more.

Obama has saved his campaign and I would say his job.

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