23 October 2012

Obama vs. Romney: Debate 3

It's only two weeks until the election and I'm glad it's that close - the rhetoric is starting to get boring now. This debate in particular went into that territory at times as attack lines got trotted out again and again by both candidates.

Bob Schieffer did an OK job as moderator, but really should have brought both candidates back to foreign policy, as they tended to go off onto the economy a good deal.

Mitt Romney's problem is that on the key foreign policy issues he either has the same view as President Obama or is on the wrong side of public opinion - regardless of your views re going into Afghanistan or Iraq, it is clear that these wars have not gone as well for the USA as they could have done. He sounded presidential to start off with, but towards the end he was just sounding hollow.

Obama again won this one - I don't agree with all his foreign policy views, but he came across very convincing and knew his policy brief well. Missed an opportunity to deploy a "You didn't build that" zinger on Romney in the discussion on Massachusetts education policy.

Third debates don't really as matter as much in the whole run of things, nor does foreign policy. This said, Romney needed a win and he didn't get one. My prediction for an Obama victory on 6 November remains unchanged.

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