13 January 2011

The shootings in Tucson and the reaction to it

The events of Saturday in Tucson, Arizona are a deep tragedy and my condolences are with all the victims.

What's disturbed me even more than this is the reaction on the internet. I'm a member of a political/military forum called Armchair General. The forum contains a sub-forum called "Politics Central". Discussion there is "robust" normally, although I will give kudos to their fine admin team, including Admiral and Bad Wolf, who try to keep control over things. Since Tucson, it's gotten bad even by standards there. They've had to ban people as a result.

The same has occurred at US Election Atlas, where Solar (the US General Discussion forum moderator) had to issue at least 44 "infraction points" for this.

I've seen a lot of nasty partisan rancour in American politics over the past nine years. It may or may not have caused the events in Tucson; we don't know yet.

However, it's not helping. Calm down.