04 January 2011

Another day, another misleading story from the Daily Mail

Fresh off alleging non-existent cuts in Downton Abbey (hattip Stephen Fry), the Daily Mail excels itself yet again in a misleading article about "Neets" (Not in education, employment or training). I'd link to it, but quite frankly, the amount of bikinis visible in the side links probably make it Not Quite Safe For Work. This is a paper that promised to stop doing paparazzi stuff thirteen years ago

The article alleges that nearly one in five 18-year-olds fall into that category, but then uses an EU study that is of 20-24 year olds. People in that category who are Neets may have no qualifications, but they may also have degrees. Graduate unemployment is about 20% at the moment.

There's also a rather archaic definition of Western Europe in there. We're beaten in this by Italy, Spain, Portugal (as well as Malta). All of these be defined as Western Europe for various reasons (EU and NATO membership pre-1989).

So, please try harder and don't contradict yourself in the same article.

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