30 July 2015

Fringe 1.9: "The Dreamscape"

A very Olivia-focussed episode on this; as she investigates the death of a Massive Dynamic analyst who ends up throwing himself out of a window after being apparently attacked by killer butterflies, she decides to go back into the sensory deprivation tank from earlier in the season to retrieve some of the late John Scott's memories that ended up in her brain. We get an indication that Scott was definitely a dodgy geezer and there's clearly more to be mined from that. Anna Torv is clearly settling into the role now, demonstrating someone who is prepared to risk her own health for justice.

This gives some interesting material for John Bishop, who is rivalling, nay beating, the Twelfth Doctor, in saying inappropriate things in certain contexts... seriously, you don't say that around someone half your age unless you're in a relationship with her. The man is definitely not quite right in the head, although probably not a hospital case.

The Massive Dynamic arc is starting to shape up nicely; it's clear that their dodgy extends further than, as we learn in this episode, using hallucinogenic venom from toads on people without their consent.


A good episode. Not exactly completely ribbiting... sorry... but definitely kept me engaged during it.


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