03 July 2015

Fringe 1.8: "The Equation"

I had to stop this quite early on to look up where I recognised a red-haired woman from. Turns out that Gillian Jacobs was in Community, but I've only ever seen four episodes of that, so it seems odd that I'd remember that face... I thought initially it was Elena Satine, who played the annoying Louise Ellis in Revenge... and on looking up her up on IMDB, she appears to have born in Georgia i.e. the former Soviet state. Very interesting.
Rather than do a long drawn out post, I'm just going to outline some key points about this episode, which sees Walter have to return to his former mental hospital to find out key information to save an abducted boy.
  • John Noble is investing Walter Bishop with considerable depth and humanity; you really do feel for the poor guy.
  • I'm sure that real-life mental institutions are less oppressive than that, at least in the 21st century.
  • J.R. Orci has been involved in a number of Abrams shows and The Blacklist as writer and producer. Oddly enough, his episodes on the latter are not in the more disturbing category... unlike his work here which is definitely on the horrific side.
  • Do TV shows ever find that their gloomy ex-industrial facility is booked by someone else?
  • When you enter the room where the kidnap victim is being held, Olivia, for crying out loud - make a Spot Check!
  • What's with rejuvenating an apple? A test run for something else?


A good intriguing episode with a lot of questions being raised that I'm sure will be answered in time.


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