27 May 2015

'Fringe' 1.6, "The Cure"

Yes, I know it's been nearly ten months since I last watched this, but a lot of things came up. However, with most of my US shows having nearly wrapped up, I hope to watch some more of this series. Mind you, it's going to need to be better than this episode.

A woman is thrown out of a white van in the middle of a street by a guy in a hazmat suit. She goes into a nearby dinner, where she ends up making everybody bleed from the eyes before her head explodes. It's a rather grisly episode again, although the actual head exploding bits are not shown, as this isn't HBO (I couldn't bear to look at one particular scene in Game of Thrones).

Thus the FBI are called in and the team have to locate another missing woman before the same thing happens to her. There's a pharmaceutical company boss who is clearly evil because of his facial hair, an interesting deal with Massive Dynamic, who are shaping up to be big player and a scene involving radioactivity that made my willing suspension of disbelief fail. A lot of the episode feels a bit padded out to me and I'm not sure why this is a 48-minute format; did it air that way?

Olivia gets some character development (although that pesky accent issue rises again) including a great speech on how being guided by emotions is not necessarily a bad thing - and how it's generally a sexist comment levelled by men against women. Walter is again superb; clearly on a higher and different mental track then everyone else, although the negative social consequences of it are also clear to see. Peter Bishop acts as a Baby Bear between the two polar opposites of Olivia and Walter.

One final point: if you're going to do an armed raid on a place, isn't it a good idea to have an ambulance ready and waiting outside?


I was clock-watching for a good part of this episode, which did rather drag out. There were some good bits, definitely, but this is a mediocre episode.


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