31 May 2015

Bearchow 2015 - US upfronts

No long post this year: just some quick points.

  • The Cancellation Bear had an above average number of misses this year, I believe.
  • Revenge should have been axed last year, but economics always meant it would get a fourth season.
  • CSI's treatment by CBS (graveyard slot, order cut, sticking out the finale against NBC's 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live show) made it clear that it was for the chopping block. The two hour movie to wrap the show up is the least the network can do for a franchise that has made it billions. CSI: Cyber has taken its graveyard slot and will probably get axed next year as well.
  • Person of Interest was always likely to be renewed; what was the surprise was the order for only 13 episodes for Season 5, which now means the Machine is generating itself as in danger of a violent death.
  • Castle (which we didn't even see here until May) has peaked in terms of ratings, is now on its way down and probably won't be around for too much longer, regardless of ABC comments to the contrary. The apparent 13 ep order seems to confirm problems - there were major issues getting the leads signed up for Season 8.
  • Agents of SHIELD's performance means I don't have to write anything about Whedon's lack of success in network television, but I doubt it goes beyond four seasons.
  • The Mindy Project getting axed after three seasons (although it was picked up by Hulu for tow more) broke a seven-year trend of "a third getting you a fourth". Fans of a number of shows, especially Agents of SHIELD, will be a bit more nervous next season.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine was renewed early; it's a great show.
  • NCIS has dropped from its Season 10 peak a great deal, but is still a strong performer. I wouldn't rule out a ratings stunt involving Cote de Pablo at some point in the next couple of seasons.
  • Empire wasn't just a juggernaut, it was a full-blown Death Star for FOX. Unfortunately the rest of their line up didn't do that well.
  • Minority Report looks interesting, but I can't help thinking that it's covering areas already done by Person of Interest

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