27 October 2014

Not Wooden At All (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.10, "In the Forest of the Night")

The Doctor arrives in the centre of London, to find it has been filled with a massive forest.

  • Capaldi was excellent in this one. We seem to have finally got a good idea of the core concept of this character; grumpy, aloof but also very funny.
  • Clara and Danny are turning into a great couple; they have wonderful arguments and I'm really liking Danny. Still wondering what his dark secret is.
  • Lots of kids in this one (this seems to be a theme of this season) and they had some great bits. I loved the girl who found 'x'.
  • In the forest of the night? It all took place in daylight!
  • I see no-one actually set fire to a tiger; now that would be cruel. They really are big cats from when I've seen them 'live'
  • The whole signs and traffic lights thing reminded me of Falling Skies, but without the grimness of that. As well as far fewer deaths.
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce also wrote the London Olympics Opening Ceremony; I've got to say that was actually one of my favourite bits of those Games... unlike the other ceremonies.
  • There was brilliant dialogue in this, reminiscent of Moffat. 
  • Hitting the old reset button again?! The final scene was tacked on, but it probably needed to be there.


A rather tree-mendous episode. Get it, tree-mendous.

I'll get me coat...


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