07 September 2013

24: Indian style.

As you may well know, I'm a fan of 24. You always may well know that I tend to be suspicious of remakes... but this one is one that I'm going to try and watch.

Starring Anil Kapoor (Mission: Impossible 4, Slumdog Millionaire) playing the Jack Bauer character Jai Singh Rathod, this Hindi-language series is set in Mumbai and is a remake of the first season with some alterations for an Indian audience... Rathod is apparently going to be a bit softer than the very hard Bauer.

They are however keeping some things the same - they've recreated the CTU set in Mumbai (although it's become the Anti Terrorist Unit) and decided to homage a hairstyle from one character.

Yes, that's the Indian version of Nina Myers, in this version called Nikita Rai. Mandira Bedi is pretty well known in India as a presenter and a model; she's even got a range of saris coming out. One does wonder if the character arc will go the same way or not... it will certainly be interesting to find out.

A lot of rupees have been thrown at this one - Indian television hasn't done anything like this before and they may well be hoping for a foreign sale or three.

UK viewers can find a version of Colors for Europe (Sky 829 and also on Virgin, but your pack may or may not have it); the Dish TV has it in the US. However, most of my readers won't speak Hindi... but that might not a problem in some cases.

For while looking at my Sky EPG where I found Colors... I also found that their optional closed captions are in English. 

So hopefully we'll be able to see it over here - either on Colors or via another channel. I'm trying to find out.

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