27 August 2012

Harpoon: Alpha 891212

The second Alpha is far more playable. It takes a while to get used to the interface. I was surprised that the ship that became Admiral Kuznetsov doesn't feature in this Alpha. I noticed that the firing arcs are clearly shown for each weapon in the DB page; they don't feature in later DBs.

I chose "Dawn Patrol", the first mission and a bit of a classic among 'Pooners. It's certainly changed over the years.

My force consisted of 4 Storm PTGs, an Oslo FF and a British Leander. I chose to have my two frigates light up their radars and headed north at about 15 knots.

The ocean is a very big place and I managed to miss the two "Nanuckha IIIs" entirely. I got one SOSUS contact, turned back to head for that then lost it.

I continued in the general direction, but the time ran out and the game was a draw. No shots were even fired.

Onto the first full version.

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