28 August 2012

Harpoon: 1.0

I moved onto "Gauntlet" and switched sides. This mission involved me having to attack a merchant group of three generic merchies (all the merchies are of one type here) with a "Victor II", two "Nanuchka III" corvettes and six "Floggers".

As soon as  the "Victor" got a rough location on the group, I launched long-range torpedoes at it. They took about an hour in real time, but the results were worth it. I launched more torpedoes as I got closer.

The first ship to go was a British Type 22 and the Soviet national anthem played in cute MIDI form to celebrate my victory (it does go on for a while, but you can stop it).

I eventually sunk two merchants and got minimum victory conditions. I was asked if I wanted to play on for total victory.

When the "Victor" went out of range, I sent the surface ships after it. They were attacked by what appeared to be Harpoons and the missile animations started. They shot the missiles down; the SA-N-4 is great in this game.

They turned to pursue the group (which I only had the location of the SH-60 in at this point), using their superior speed. Eventually they got into "Siren" range. The "Sirens" were all shot down- I should have fired them all at once rather than a few at a time. I wasn't too concerned about individual target identification.

At around the same time, my six "Floggers" launched, flying at 650 knots (tad fast for a cruising speed). They had AS-7s but maybe fired one before they were all shot down by a very sharp USS Boone. They used SA-N-4s on the remaining merchant, then I think time ran out.

Nearly total victory was mine.

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