02 May 2012

TacOps AAR Part 18: ENDEX

1020 to 1032

The vast majority of Red’s forces were now west of 07 Easting. There looks a lot of less of them now, but it was still way more than I had.

My artillery was having next to no effect – the 60mm stuff landing on the southern mechanised units was merely suppressing them and the stronger stuff generally just missed. That said, I did get a very lucky 155mm ICM strike at 102145 that took out a Shilka. The non-ballistic fire went mostly his way – I had a HMMMV unit wiped out by tank and RPG fire. At 1022, the last two units guarding the north exit were wiped out and the OPFOR path was clear. There, it was all over bar the mortaring.

There were three airstrikes at 1023 – two for me (one aborted, one no damage) and one for Coyote (no damage). Javelin fire in the south hit some REDFOR vehicles.

The battle was really now just an exchange of artillery, both sides were essentially throwing stuff over a wall and hoping something went “owww”. Well, I was at any rate – Coyote had a better view of my forces than I did of his. I notice he was pounding the areas where those last two northern units were – guess he was trying to keep any replacements from joining them.

Red’s units were coming off the battlefield slowly – but he had a large batch ready to go across the goal line. There was some non-artillery fire in the south, where my forces were giving the enemy a painful going-away present. Until they got suppressed and covered by smoke.

As 1029 came around, Red dropped an MLRS strike on my southern units with little effect and his units were leaving in such numbers the replay makes my game go funny. I also lost a 60mm mortar unit – hadn’t been doing much anyway.

29% of the Red force was across the line at 1030 – he only needed 11% more to win.

The final three minutes of the battle saw the following:
·         An air strike by me, which I can’t remember, destroy an on-map Red arty unit.
·         A second air strike in a completely empty area.
·         Further shelling of the locations of my last northern units.
·         Increasingly ineffective artillery fire by me – the Red units simply weren’t there anymore.

At 1032, Red got enough of his forces over the goal line to win the game.


I’m going to do one final post with lessons learned and the final scores. I’m planning to do a PDF with the whole AAR in, maybe edited a bit. Are people interested?

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