29 February 2012

Battlefield 3: A tale of a UH-1Y

After getting pestering emails from EA, I went back on Battlefield 3 multi-player and had a go at Rush.

So, there I was, playing Caspian Border on the US side. I hop into a UH-1 as a gunner and after I take someone out with the Gatling gun, the pilot lands at the Russian defender deployment and runs off. I decide to stay in the chopper to act as a gun platform lest anyone else spawn on me...

Then this guy RPGs me in the face and steals the helicopter for the Russians. Said helicopter flies around and the pilot kills me a couple of times.

A while later, I'm playing Engineer, armed with a Stinger missile when I spot the Venom. I line up and get a lock, then fire.

The heat-seeker barrelled into the chopper and blew it up. Even I was surprised at the points I got. 400 for killing the four people on board, 90 for a "comeback" and 100 for a multi-kill. Later on, I grabbed a weapons unlock for the M4...

Must do this more often.

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