18 May 2011

The Silent Hunter: How people find me.

Jams has done an article on how people come to his site through search engines. (Mild language warning)

Figured I might as well do the same... Or similar. I can't find what he's actually used (I have a free account on StatCounter only), so I'll list some of the more interesting searches that people have arrived at my attempt at interesting commentary via:
  •  who are the super injunctions: There's a lot of ones like this. I wrote an article giving my thoughts on the subject on 23 April, but it certainly does not even attempt to speculate on the identities on those who have them.
  • Obama hostages for counter strike": OK...
  • "counter strike source" abbottabad map: This does exist, but I've never even discussed it.
  • "backfire raid". Glad to see people are interested in the Tu-22M "Backfire", my favourite military jet.
Also, looking at Blogger stats, my ten most popular posts all were posted in late July and early August last year, including my four-parter Farnborough report.

Doubt I'll ever be as popular as the superlative Jams O'Donnell, but it's nice to know people are at least glancing at my site.

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jams o donnell said...

It certainly is enjoyable to see why people visit our blogs isn't it?