04 May 2011

I'm voting No tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we vote on whether to change the voting system for Westminster elections from First-Past-The-Post to the Alternative Vote system.

I will be voting No. I do not want a system that will make the Liberal Democrats, a party that I believe abandoned their principles for Cabinet seats, the deciding force in any future elections. I would only favour a more proportional system if there was a fourth major party (i.e. two party blocs) and even then that would not be AV, but rather AMS.

This is not to say that I welcome or agree with the tone of the NO campaign by any means. Their conduct has appalled me.


jams o donnell said...

I cannot get enthusiastic about AV. It is not much better than FPTP in my view so not worth the change

Silent Hunter said...

We've voted in AV elections as well...