16 December 2010

Advent 3: The Law

This is the third post in my series on the Gifts of God.
We move onto the third gift; the Law. By which I'm referring to the regulations in Leviticus.

Everybody focuses on the grain offerings and the stuff about being unclean, as well as the food rules. These rules certainly had a reason at the time; often to do with hygiene and health. I must admit I'm not entirely sure about all of them; I'm sure some Bible scholars could explain better.

The purpose of the law was more serious though; to give people rules and regulations to live in a just society. It was not to enslave them, but to ensure that all could live in decent conditions, free from violence and oppression.

Of course, we completely broke it either in letter or in spirit. The Pharisees at the time of Jesus were following the letter, but not the spirit; ensuring their own power and not protecting the interests of the poor.

Thus we needed Jesus, the next gift.

We are no longer subject to the Law, but are now free in Christ, the ultimate sacrifice. That is not a licence to sin freely, but to live to our fullest for God.

We can also eat pork.

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