26 May 2009

Review of the season for each club- in one line

(In the editor that is)

In order of finish from top to bottom:

Manchester United

It's a kind of magic, magic, magic... Quite simply the second best team in England.


Two losses all season is league-winning form. Sadly, they drew 11 times too.


How many Chelsea managers does it take to change a lightbulb? Unknown, but it's at least four.


Only sharpshooters are supposed to hit the same spot four times in a row. Watch out Wenger...


Blue is the colour and Europe will be our game... A good season for the Toffees.

Aston Villa

Not a bad result all that. Sending down Newcastle also made many happy.


Quite simply, Fulham's Crowning Moment of Awesome for this decade. Most improved club.


You only got here because of a Hammer! Now, watch out for us- we'll beat you next season.

West Ham

We were forever blowing bubbles. However, our poor early form burst them. Need strikers.

Man City

You can't buy the trophy. You need something else. It's not Gene Hunt, though.


Many thought you would go down, but you got a decent finish. Cracking season, Gromit!


Not really much to say about Stoke, except you clearly need a better defence.


Not much to say about Bolton either.


Without a Hammer, you're not much good either.


Clearly, you're not going to win the league again any time soon.


You only really stayed up because of worse sides below you. Must perk your ideas.


Unless you improve, you might not be staying up after next season.


Your players are so bad, it's unbelievable! The final own goal summed it all up.


Well, that wasn't particularly surprising was it? Might go straight back up.

West Bromwich Albion

You're a bit of a yo-yo side aren't you? Good thing you didn't spend too much.

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