09 May 2009

Farage and UKIP

I caught a bit of the UKIP Party Political Broadcast a couple of nights back.

The UKIP leader was speaking in a manner that I found rather uncomfortable, stating that Britain should leave the EU because our money was going to the states of the former Soviet bloc, who were only joining for subsidies and new infrastructure.

Mr. Farage, are you at all aware of the history of Communism? Or that these states are pretty poor, had their economies ruined by Soviet rule and are suffering because of the credit crunch? Or the principle of helping your neighbour out?

People need to examine UKIP throughly before voting for them.


Anonymous said...

Silent Hunter, are you aware of the poverty in areas of Brixton and Liverpool? Are you aware of the desperate state of Britain's public services, social services, schools and hospitals? Are you aware of how many kids in the UK are being abused because of a shortage of workers able to look into cases, or the number of kids, myself included, who went to schools so bad that they never had any sense of direction or discipline in their lives and have since seen their mates turn to crime and end up in prison?

I doubt it, because you're some middle class moron who lives in an ivory tower. I have seen, worked and live this shit, and I'll be voting UKIP.

Silent Hunter said...

Yes, I am aware of that.