02 December 2006


For those of you who haven't been following UK political news, Ming Campbell has proposed halving the number of nuclear warheads that Britain possesses to 100.

This might be the second best solution. Personally, I don't think we should renew Trident. I'm not saying to get rid of it overnight, just that we shouldn't spend £25 billion on renewing. We'll still have it for 15 more years- plenty of time for further arms control negotiations to succeed.

The main reason is that it serves no useful purpose. The Russians aren't going to attack. The Chinese don't have the range and probably aren't that interested in us. The people who want to attack us aren't going to be deterred anyway by it. We couldn't really use it against terrorists anyway. And using it against a terrorist training camp would reek of disproportionality.

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jams o donnell said...

I simply cannot see what purpose Trident or its replacement will serve. It is not independent and it is no deterrent to the likes of Al Qaida. It is an utter waste of money and other resources