15 December 2006

Ross's evidence

After hearing about the fact that Carne Ross's evidence to the Butler Inquiry being published and seeing the Independent at a a newsagents I bought it and had a look.

The case against the government is still not proven. All that Ross has said is that until mid-2002, officials (i.e. not the relevant ministers) did not believe that Iraq was a threat to the UK or its interest (and that's not saying he wasn't a threat to other people's interest). He also is only saying officials opposed regime change, which we know. As for the statement about selling 1441, it could be true or it could not be.

We still do not know what the wisdom at March 2003 was, but all the committees have agreed that the intel was not misrepresented. Butler considered this and ruled the way he did. This is not a smoking gun.

Comments are welcome.

The full document can be found on the Indie website.

Edited for punctuation.

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