26 December 2016

Elite: Dangerous adventures update

My Viper Mark IV landed at a station

 I have been playing quite a bit of Elite: Dangerous at present and have been making some progress, reaching the trade rank of Peddler and the exploration rank of Mostly Aimless, while being only one or two kills away from going up to Mostly Harmless.

This isn't exactly world beating, but I'm happy with it. My current plan is to fly out to the Pleiades nebula, the nearest stellar landmark of note outside the 'human bubble', the area of habited human space - it was also where the 'barnacles' were found. This is a habited system at Maia, 384 light years from Sol (which I can't currently visit as I need a better Federation rank) and that will be my goal to reach. Using my Basic Discovery scanner, I should be able to make a little bit of money on the run there and back.

While I know taking a Viper Mark IV out there isn't the wisest thing in the world - you only live once. Well, there's no perma-death in this game in anyway.

Second part of my Berlin post is coming soon, but I'll keep you up to date with this as well.

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